​Help Your Carpet Survive the Summer


By: Luke Armstrong

Image on Pexels, CC0 License.

Protect your carpets and rugs from heavy foot traffic this summer

With the start of the summer season quickly approaching, homeowners can look forward to opening up their homes more to let in the fresh air and hosting events such barbecues and family gatherings. People typically have more visitors in the summer and as they walk through your house and sit on your furniture, they add excess wear and tear to the carpet and upholstery. Before you host your next summer gathering, follow these cleaning tips to help keep your carpet and upholstery protected.

Be prepared before the party. You should plan out which areas of your house will be open to your guests depending on what you would like to keep protected. If there is a room with a nice carpet or area rug that you would like to keep off limits, then shut the door or put up a sign if it is necessary. Expensive area rugs can also be moved into a different room temporarily to ensure that they are safe. The more thought you put into this type of planning, the less likely you are to risk damage to your carpet and area rugs requiring professional cleaning.


At most home parties and summer gatherings, the guests move about the house carrying food and drinks and they may also be walking in and out of the house, tracking in mud or dirt. The risk of a spill or stain occurring on the carpet or upholstery is very high which is why you might want to consider pre-treating your carpet and upholstery before your gathering. With these pre-treatments, your carpet and upholstery will be protected against the types of spots and stains that may occur.

No Shoes Allowed

Because many summer gatherings involve people constantly walking in and out of the house, it is best to establish a no shoes rule. This will help prevent people from dragging in mud and dirt from outside that could leave spots or stains on your carpet. It may also help to have doormats at each entrance of your home for your guests to at least wipe their shoes if they do not take them off.

Expect Wear And Tear

While taking these preventative actions can greatly reduce the risk of getting spots or stains on your carpet and upholstery, there is still a pretty good chance that they could experience some wear and tear. It is important for you to expect that there will be some wear and tear to your carpet and upholstery and be prepared to handle any unexpected spots or stains. This will also ease your anxiety during the party if you are mentally prepared handle possible stains on your carpet or furniture.

As you prepare your home to host the next summer gathering, make sure to take these tips into consideration to help keep your carpet and upholstery protected from spots and stains. Taking a little extra effort to prepare your carpet and upholstery can help ease any stress you may have about keeping these surfaces clean during the party. If you do get a stain on your carpet or upholstery that you cannot remove, contact a carpet cleaning professional to remove the stains.

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